Best Father’s Day present?

This is probably the very best Father’s Day present I could have got.

Boldly going forth

Boldly going forth

This is my happy, confident, independent 9 year-old daughter, leaving on her first camping trip ever, for 5 days in West Wales. Nothing tells you that you are doing an OK job more than your kids leaving you with a hug and a smile.

It reminds me of my own first camping trip which, unfortunately, happened in less auspicious circumstances. I managed to go on a trip with my friendly and generous new neighbours in Mexico City when I was about her age, yet without being able to speak any Spanish.

The only two memories of that trip are learning the word “Jamon” (thankfully it was closely related to “ham”), and being invited to ride their son’s motorbike in the fields (without a helmet, this was the late 1970s after all). Unfortunately I did not have the language skills, nor awareness, to let them know I hadn’t even learned to ride a bike yet … oh well!

OK, so I’ve just made myself nervous … However, she will be fine (we’ve taught her to ride a bike)!

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