Hello! My name is Robert McIntosh – I am ‘thirstforwine’

This site has been through several iterations (see below for the history), but today I hope it would be called a “Daddy Wine Blog”. My aim is to bring you stories about life, and kids, from the perspective of a wine drinker.

I have two wonderful kids – Nona and Duncan – who make my life incredibly rich and entertaining. I learn so much from them just as I try to teach them. These will be some of their stories. I hope you enjoy them


I have been blogging about wine since June 2006 on the Wine Conversation (http://wineconversation.com) in its various (plat)forms.

Since the launch of that site, a lot has happened in the world and particularly in what we call social media. As I started using first Facebook then TwitterYouTubeflickr and many more channels that have come and gone, I realised that I needed a common profile … and that became “thirstforwine” everywhere.

It became a little confusing to be @thirstforwine everywhere else yet not reflect that on my blog, so I decided to build a site that brought some of that activity together on a single site and focus more on the UK wine scene and my own tasting adventures.

The original WineConversation has now become not only the outlet for my thoughts on wine marketing and social media, but the home of Vrazon, the company I have created in partnership with the dynamic duo of Gabriella Opaz and Ryan Opaz, and jointly we are the team behind the European Wine Bloggers Conference, the Born Digital Wine Awards and the AccessZone with more to come.

And so thirstforwine.co.uk was born … and is still, and will always be, a work-in-progress.

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A little background note on me:

In the past I have worked in the UK wine trade as a “Brand Ambassador” representing wineries from Rioja – specifically Bodegas Dinastia VivancoCriadores de Rioja and Bodegas Carlos Serres. I also used to work for Bibendum Wine Ltd. in the marketing team. I am now, however, no longer linked commercially with either of these businesses, but I do still have lots of contacts and friends there. I am quite willing to let everyone know this in the interests of “full discloure” and an open, honest and informed conversation. However, this blog has nothing to do with these wineries or businesses, and the views expressed are mine alone.