List Last Updated: 17 January 2013

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Individual Bloggers and Wine Lovers

12×75 :: @12×75
Big Pinots :: David Lowe :: @bigpinots
Bordeaux Blonde :: ?
Cambridge Wine Blogger :: Tom Lewis :: @CambWineBlogger
Cellar Fella :: Simon Burnton :: @simon_burnton
Clueless About Wine :: Charlie
Confessions of a Wino :: Alastair Bathgate :: @tiptoptaps
Cork and Bottle :: Pieter Rosenthal :: @pieterrosenthal
Early Bird Wine News :: Jenny Mackenzie :: @EBwinenews
Food, Wine and a Better Life :: Greg Andrews :: @gregloveswine
Golly’s Wine Drops :: @GollyGD
Good Bottle of Wine :: Ant Hodges :: @goodbottlewine
The Graped Crusader :: Richard Saxton :: @grapedcrusader
Grapefan’s Wine Adventures :: Colin Smith :: @grapefan
Grape Man :: Martin Brown :: @iamagrapeman
The Image Pantry :: Lindsey Suddaby :: @Lnc13
Insight Wine :: Jack Green :: @insightwine
Knackered Mothers’ Wine Club :: Helen McGinn :: @knackeredmutha
Liquid Assets :: Heather Dougherty :: @wineandwords
Madame Vin :: Madame Vin :: @madamevin
Man et Vin :: Mike
Matt Walls’ Wine Blog :: Matt Walls :: @mattwallswine
Miss Bouquet :: Miss Bouquet :: @missbouquet
Mr Drink ‘N’ Eat :: Nathan Nolan :: @MrDrinknEat
The Morning Claret :: Simon Woolf :: @simonjwoolf
Notes from the Dregs :: Donald Edwards :: @donalde
Oenotype :: David Derbyshire :: @oenotype
Old Parn’s Wine Reviews :: Tom Parnell :: @oldparn
The Pinotage Club :: Peter May
Quentin Sadler’s Wine Blog :: Quentin Sadler :: @quentinsadler
Regular Wino :: James Cave :: @regularwino
The Riesling Revolutionary :: Alex Down :: @TheRieslingRev
Simon’s Wine Blog :: Simon Mort :: @simonmort
Sip Swoosh Spit :: Paola Tich :: @sipswooshspit
Spittoon :: Andrew Barrow :: @wine_scribbler
Steel Wine :: Will Willson :: @steelwine
Steve Evans Wine :: Steve Evans :: @steveevanswine
Supermarket Wine Reviews :: Andy Thomas
Tales of a Sommelier :: Gary Clark
The Tasting Note :: Peter Wood :: @thetastingnote
Thirstforwine :: Robert McIntosh :: @thirstforwine
Vinolent :: Joss Fowler :: @jossNOTjosh *NEW *
Vinosottey :: Tom Ottey :: @vinosottey
White Wine & Red Wine :: Fraser Edwards :: @whiteandred
Window On Wine :: Sarah Ball :: @WindowOnWine
Wine Being :: Radka Slovackova :: @radka83
Wine Club Uncorked
The Wine Conversation :: Robert McIntosh / Ryan Opaz / Gabriella Opaz :: @vrazonwine
Wine, Food & Other Pleasures :: Lucy Bridgers :: @LucyBridgers
WineFriend :: David Way
Wine from a Tumbler :: Nik Byrne :: @nikbyrne *NEW*
Wine the Gap :: Chris Bryant :: @WinetheGap
Wine London
Wine Maestro :: Brett Jones :: @thewinemaestro
Wine Passionista :: Tara Devon :: @Tara_Devon
Wine Psych :: Miles Thomas
Wine Rambler :: Torsten & Julian :: @winerambler
Wine Rant :: Richard Bray :: @RWHBray
The Wine Sleuth :: Denise Medrano :: @thewinesleuth
The Wine Tipster :: Neil Phillips :: @thewinetipster
Wine Travel Guides :: Wink Lorch
The Wine Twit :: Jez Greenspan :: @the_winetwit
Wine Wire :: ?
Wine Woman & Song :: Juel Mahoney :: @winewomansong
Wine Travel Media :: Wink Lorch :: @winetravel
Woodbine on … :: Louis Anthony Woodbine
World of Booze :: Henry Jeffreys :: @HenryGJeffreys


Blogging Journalists

Andrew Jefford :: Andrew Jefford
Anthony Rose Wine :: Anthony Rose :: @antrose33
Decanter :: @decanter
Matching Food & Wine AND Wine, Naturally :: Fiona Beckett :: @winematcher *NEW*
Heather Dougherty’s Wine Blog :: Heather Doughtery :: Jancis Robinson :: @jancisrobinson
Jane Parkinson :: Jane Parkinson :: @jane_parkinson
Jim’s Loire :: Jim Budd
Joanna Simon Wine & Food :: Joanna Simon :: @joannasimon
The Joseph Report :: Robert Joseph :: @robertjoseph :: Natasha Hughes :: @londonvino
Planet Victoria :: Victoria Moore :: @planetvictoria *NEW*
Simon Woods :: Simon Woods :: @woodswine
Susie & Peter :: Susan Barrie and Peter Richards :: @wineschools *NEW*
That Crazy French Woman :: Isabelle Legeron :: @isabellelegeron
Tim Atkin :: @timatkin
Vinesack :: Joe Wadsack :: @vinesack *NEW*
Jamie Goode’s (Wine Anorak) Blog :: Jamie Goode :: @jamiegoode
The Wine Detective :: Sarah Ahmed :: @sarahwine
Wine Doctor :: Chris Kissack
Worcester Sauce :: Stuart George


UK Blogs Abroad (Expats)

Michael’s Wine Diary :: Michael Edwards
My Vineyard Blog :: Richard Mayson
New Bordeaux :: Jane Anson :: @newbordeaux
Rebecca Gibb :: Rebecca Gibb :: @rebeccagibb
Taste Languedoc :: Rosemary George
Wine Life News :: Oliver Styles :: @oliverstyles


Happy Reading! Of course the list could be much more comprehensive, covering a broader range of wine sites. To be honest, that is better left to someone better technically qualified as the list would be long (if you want that, go to as I’m sure you’ll find the information you are looking for).

For the purposes of this list, I have chosen to concentrate on those sites that:

  • are written in the UK (whether they are about this market or not, or even written in English!)
  • provide Opinion, Commentary and/or Tasting Notes. I am not including news sites like because of this, but I have included Decanter as they have a separate blog area, and included as it achieves many of the same objectives even if 50% or more is subscriber only

I have also tried a very basic categorisation. These categories are not strict or mutually exclusive, but they do try to separate the blogs by the type of writing you can expect when following them. I’m sure to have missed a few (yes, bloggers ought to do a better job of research, but I can update this list with your input, so effectively this IS my market research). Hopefully this list will be useful to some other than just sp*mmers.