I’ve been unfaithful. It was a brief flirtation, it is definitely over now


… we agreed we were not made for each other. Maybe out was our age difference, maybe it was … that it tasted flat, of bruised rather than fresh apples, and just didn't appeal.

Not for me, sorry my dear … you know it can only be wine for me

  • wildaboutwine
    August 10, 2011

    Having just returned from holiday in Britanny and fully embracing the ‘apero’ at 6pm everyday. I feel the need to own up to rather enjoying Cidre de Bretagne clean, crisp sparkly and very refreshing. That tasting note could of course be used for Britanny’s only AC wine for which they are very proud of (almost as much as Crepes) not sure about Gros Plant though!

  • Andrew
    August 15, 2011

    Never really got into cider – I try it from time to time, get sent samples etc but it just isnt for me. Do enjoy a decent ale mind…