If, like me, you have a thirst, it helps to have friends Around Wine



I spent a very enjoyable hour yesterday in the company of Daniel (aka @winerackd) at his wine shop with a difference. He doesn’t sell the wine, but instead is the place to turn to if you want to make sure you enjoy the wines you have bought elsewhere.

Around Wine is a great place to browse the amazing variety of glasses specially made for wine by famous names such as Riedel, Schott Zwiesel, Zalto and more. He is very knowledgeable about the brands, shapes and styles… And also their shatter resistance. Daniel took great pleasure demonstrating how certain glasses tip without falling over, or don’t shatter if they do. I have to admit that my own instincts were completely different and each time he did this, a shiver of panic and fright ran up my spine.

I also have to admit I walked out having acquired two “Olly Smith” design glasses by Zalto to try as my new everyday glasses. I shall be testing them tonight with Jolly-Olly-an gusto.

Around Wine is also the main place to turn to for wine storage as they are the UK agents for Eurocave. I can’t really believe the number of units they sell each year, but I guess there are lots of home enthusiasts keen to store special wines with some degree of care that goes rather beyond my “under the stairs” solution. I suppose that of I had more expensive tastes I can imagine finding a corner somewhere for a wine fridge… but my wife, and bank manager, may disagree.

I highly recommend popping into the shop for a chat of you are in the area, if only to check out the glass variety.

In fact they’ve kindly let me use their shop next week to film an interview with the glasses as backdrop. Should make a change from the usual cellars and bars anyway.

Oh, … and it turns out it is just around the corner from the lovely Galvin Bistro de Luxe, so technically you are around food too, so just make sure you go at a convenient time of day to visit both.

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