Interesting consumer promotion by Rioja producer



Got this sample with my Ocado shopping (presumably because I had bought other wines).

It is for the Rioja Crianza 2008 from Beronia.

It may not be immediately obvious in the photo, but it is a baby wine bottle (not literally of course, babies don’t drink wine, not even in this household) of 18.75cl – that’s a quarter of a normal 75cl bottle for the less mathematically inclined.

It is also, unusually in this eco-aware days, proper glass not plastic (aka PET)

The coupon is for £2 off a regular bottle which is nice, … but strange.

The normal bottle costs £9.99 so a quarter ought to be at least £2.50 in value so they are willing to send me more, free, than they are taking off the wine?

Anyway, it beats the usual coupon mailings and it is Rioja after all.