Amazing Italian white wine

Now this is I will look out for again

This is a wine I discovered thanks to a @winewomansong recommendation on her Vinissima blog.


Bought from Waitrose (RRP £9.49) so I could try out some of their more unusual wines (taking advantage of their 25% offer recently).

This was fantastic. A really ripe tropical fruit flavour, it was a lot fuller than its cousin, a Verdicchio from Castelli di Jesi. I liked the hint of nuttiness too which it managed to balance with a really fresh style that went extremely well with a fish of baked fish with aubergine, courgette and lemon.

Apparently the area of Matelica is only 300 hectares big, which means the ‘region’ is smaller than many individual vineyards in many parts of the world.

This sort of wine makes me realise that there is always so much more to learn about Italian wine, and if they’d stop trying to fight each other to try and differentiate themselves from their neighbours, and concentrated on working together with others in the same boat, wine lovers across the world would have many happy decades in front of them enjoying the great variety offered by the Italian peninsula.

Oh, and hopefully spellchecker will soon learn that Matelica has nothing to do with a certain heavy metal group!

(Update: it seems that I amnot alone in enjoying this wine – check out the fab @wine90 review too – and she REALLY knows her Italian wine)