How to win at Fathers Day

OK, here’s a quick guide to how I intend to “Win at Fathers Day” this year.

Step 1: Introduce your kids to Star Trek. I’ve chosen to start with The Next Generation because it will be more visually appealing to kids in 2014, but I do hope to ‘rewind’ in due course.

The adventure begins

The adventure begins

Although later series can be found on Netflix, etc. the first season is only on DVD so this was bought on ebay.

Step 2: Leave the latest mailing from The Wine Society casually on the table. Make sure you leave it open on the page with Anselmo Mendes’ “Contacto” Alvarinho from Vinho Verde (in the latest Wine Champions brochure).

Champion Whites - The Wine Society

Step 3: Sit back and bask in the glow.

p.s. I may have to enjoy the fruits of my plan later in the week since I shall actually be pouring Rioja at Tapas Fantasticas this weekend. If you like Rioja and Tapas, in the sun, with music and tons of fab people, come on down! You’ll find me pouring the wines of my friends at Bodegas Vivanco (Table 38)

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