Disappointing Daddy

Dads … DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO … it induces strong feelings of inadequacy and parental failure. And whatever you do, do NOT allow your kids to see it.

My 7 year old son came home from school the other day full of plans for a video game he was building with his best friend. They had designed 4 major levels with around 25 objectives in each. They had allocated the levels between them and worked on the prizes.

I was so proud.

And then the realisation hit me.

The day before he had come to tell me of the idea and said, “Dad, can you help me?” Of course, I’m happy to muck in and naturally I said “Yes!”

I had to ask … “Are you expecting to actually make this computer game, darling?”

“Oh, yes! You know how to use computers”

“But … darling, you do know that I don’t know how to programme games and graphics and so on. It is VERY complicated. People have to train to do that sort of thing.”

The subsequent tears broke my heart.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. When combined with good intentions, and high expectations, it can set up major failures, and that is true in family activities, wine tastings and maybe even spaceflight.

To make up for it I’m considering setting up an X-Wing flight deck in the playhouse, and my kids and I will teach ourselves to programme a Raspberry Pi and work together to add lights and sound effects.

I just don’t want him to see this film before we unveil our own creation.

Hopefully we can all learn the necessary skills, and who knows, maybe that game will be a reality some time in the future?


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