Hot desk, Cool wines

Working from home sounds like such bliss … until you’ve been doing it for 6 years, in which case you may start to adopt a hermit-like loathing of having to leave the cave (aka home office) or you might have gone more than slightly mad from the lack of interaction with other adults. Coping mechanisms vary, and mine has been to delve deep into the social interactive pool of twitter, facebook, etc … which creates great conversations and lots of business opportunities.


However, what it doesn’t offer is a lot of experiences, chance meetings and observations … the kind of stuff that feeds a blog for example.

There will be a lot of discussion of remote working (such as this piece from The Next Web), particularly with the disruption caused by the Olympics in London, this year, but I’m seriously considering the opposite. 

I’d love to rediscover some level of “office time” but where to do this? After all, it is rather wasteful considering I already have an office.

I love the idea of TechHub which I visited recently to take part in a Social Media Week presentation organised by the lovely folks Great British Chefs (cool use of storify for the wrap-up), but I’m not a developer and I suspect that this is not my natural crowd (though I bet they like their wine too).

As I read another newsletter from a friendly wine retailer today announcing the new wines being added to their enomatic machine, it came to me.

I am looking for a wine shop that has some spare desk space, good internet connection and friendly banter that I can rent as a “hot desk” from time to time. 

 This could be a new business model … retail shops with hot desks for relevant freelance communicators that need occasional offices, like a “members club with retail benefits”.

Anyone out there got any invitations?

UPDATE 22/2/2012: Thank you to all those great folks who are responding privately and publicly on this idea. Something might even come of it soon.

It has come to my attention, however, that “hot desk” may be an unusual term, so if you don’t know what I mean, see the definition here