Coffee cool

Check out the style that makes my local coffee shop a cool place to hang out.

Of course it has great coffee (REALLY good), and the people who run it are lovely and personable too, but in a sense this is expected. A coffee place needs to deliver with its product, and the personal touch makes you care. But how do you differentiate your coffee shop from all the others with similar coffee, cakes and lovely, carrying owners?


The benefit here is not just caffeine, it is a sense of belonging and of comfort.

I can’t find the same level of differentiation, particularly focusing on comfort, in the way wine is retailed.

To much emphasis is placed only on the choice of wine, but a good list is not all I’m after.

Where are the cool wine bars?

  • Arnold Waldstein
    February 21, 2012

    Mine:Anfora in west west villageTerroir in east village and TriBeCa10 Bells in LESAll rock. All semi natural of course. But..there are multiple wine shops that provide the same even with legal tasting restrictions.In NYC they get the dynamics of location. No-one in the wine biz today IMO gets how to build the hybrid on/offline experience or the offline experience with that dynamics.It’s coming.

  • Robert McIntosh
    February 21, 2012

    Thanks Arnold. So the answer to the question is: “In New York City”? I haven’t been there for YEARS so don’t know anything of the scene there now. WOuld be nice to think that we could learn from the NYC experience and do something unusual here too.

  • José Eduardo J Silva
    February 22, 2012
  • Alachua
    March 5, 2012

    For everyday in life, for every stressful days at work or in school, every individuals needs to get relax. One simple way is to go to a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee to make things easier. 🙂 Me myself keep doing that, because It’s the only time for me to give my self in-spite of my hectic schedule. A cup of coffee for every success and trials in life. Cheers!Enah