Wine On Daddy-Babysitting Duty

I do love Daddy-Babysitting nights

Now, I KNOW I will get shouted at for suggesting that looking after your own kids is ‘babysitting’ because it implies it isn’t a Dad’s role (which it is).

It is just as much “Daddy Babysitting Night” as “Date Night” is a special night out, yet still a lovely evening spent with your loving wife or partner. It is an excuse for different behaviour, occasionally.

In this case, on the rare occasion my hard-working wife chooses to go out with her friends without me is an excuse to have fun on stuff I care about … so …

I usually buy something interesting from the butcher (the fantastic The Butchery in SE23), crack open a bottle of wine I’m not sure my wife would appreciate as much as me, and a Sci-Fi or Action movie on the TV. Wonderful! And much cheaper than heading out to do the same and having to pay someone else to babysit.

Tonight’s menu:

Wine sometimes needs on occasion, this is as good as any.


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