Kids’ Scientific Discoveries

I love the fact that kids do ‘fun’ science at school these days. I don’t remember getting cool homework assignments when I was 8.

My daughter is learning about temperature, and was tasked with taking measurements of various things at home. Seems harmless enough, right?

We tried room temperature, body temperature, cold tap water, even the temperature of the lamb roast we were eating. Then … we tried the fridge.

Well, she is now responsible for discovering the fact that our fridge was malfunctioning and was unhealthily warm. How cool is that? How worrying is that!

It seems that over the last few weeks, now that I think about it, the fridge has not been cooling adequately. The temperature we measured was 10C – which, in case you don’t know, is well about the recommended 5C for storing food.


Time to fix or replace the fridge, and to thank school science for keeping us healthy!

(on the other hand, the white wine has been about the right temperature for ages, not overchilled, and this may account for my having missed the warning signs)

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