Weird allergist instructions

Is this weird? My allergist appointment instructions say: 

"If you think you may be allergic to a certain food, please bring a raw piece of this with you"

I think I may be allergic to (undercooked) beef, so I shall oblige. The question is whether to get something decent, pop to the butcher to get a nice cut of fillet steak – or whether a tray of Sainsbury's Value beef will do? Will it look like I don't take my health seriously enough?

And how much do you think he needs? Do they weigh portions?

I'm also concerned this is a Candid Camera version of Ready Steady Cook. I can picture the waiting room with people sat around, uncomfortably holding their tupperware portions of beef, milk, tomatoes, peanuts and bread … and then being split into teams to prepare a meal for two for the consultant and nurse.

Or am I worrying about this too much?