Three great wines from Sainsburys


I’ve not been a great fan of the overall selection of wines at Sainsburys recently. I think they lost their way at some point, but there are certainly a few gems in the range if you know what you are after.

All of these wines were discovered, at least in part, by recommendations made by other writers/bloggers.

These three are definitely worth seeking out, but they’re not you usual wines!

La Grille, Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc, “F” de Fesles 2009, Anjou, Loire Valley

This is part of a now expanded range of Loire wines under this La Grille brand. They are certainly being innovative (by French standards). A fruity wine but with a dryness like biting the skin of a citrus fruit as well, with obvious but not overpowering wood vanillin & spice notes. Best of all, I’ve managed to buy 6 bottles for only £4.50 which is simply unbelievable value.

This is not a promotion wine, but probably on offer because the grape and region are not selling well enough. I hope this is an excuse for more people to discover it.

(recently discovered via the Wine Doctor – Chris Kissack)

The second is a red from nearby Chinon, the Domaine du Colombier 2009, Chinon, Loire Valley. This is made from Cabernet Franc, not as fashionable as it’s cousin, but a lighter bodied wine and I’m desperate these days to find wines that are not fruit bombs. The ‘bible‘ calls red wines from this region “essentially a Frenchman’s wine” … which makes me French I guess.

Cabernet Franc red fruit flavours also have a dry, leafy character (seems that we have a dry theme here) but it lends itself to light chilling which also makes it refreshing, and for only £6.29, this is another good deal.

(initially found via Fiona Beckett aka @winematcher)

Finally to the steal of the lot.

Taste the Difference, 12 year old Dry Oloroso (Sherry) by Lustau, a wine all sherry lovers probably know and one regularly mentioned by friends online.

If you have yet to discover the nutty, dried fruit and toffee richness of great oloroso sherry, dry with a hint of raisined fruit sweetness … then you must try this! Only £7.99 (for 50cl) for a delicious wine that has been aged for at least 12 years … wow.

Good reasons to keep going back and hoping that some of the dross is replaced with more wines like these.

  • SipSwooshSpit
    April 4, 2011

    Totally loving the Taste The Difference Dry Oloroso. We have a bottle on the go this week. It’s good to see Sainsbury’s getting some of its mojo back after many years of blandness.

  • Ryan Opaz
    April 5, 2011

    3 bottle monday? Wow!!! Impressive! 🙂

  • Robert McIntosh
    April 5, 2011

    Actually Monday is our “day off” so I actually had none, so it was painful to stare at, and write about, wines I liked and could not taste 🙁

  • Brett Jones
    April 6, 2011

    Delighted to see two good Loire wines and, of course, such a decent sherry! Thanks for sharing, Robert.

  • Wine Comparison
    July 15, 2011

    I think these are great wines. My brother had this Domaine du Colombier 2009 before and as I remember it was really good especially with his special steak. Thanks for posting this. Great blog by the way!