On the dismemberment of UK wine drinkers

I’m looking for a graphic artist – probably someone familiar with the more modern graphic and explicit comics, that can bring to life a vision I have in my head.


This vision concerns the UK wine consumer in 2012 as we look forward to the government’s latest budget announcement in 2 days.


(image from term “Dismemberment” on Wikipedia)


This vision has the poor consumer in the middle of the scene, possibly with a bottle of wine lying by his side, fallen and draining away, unappreciated and now forgotten.


The poor consumer is, to be frank, being tortured to death for having chosen to spend his limited income on wine instead of, let’s say, illegal (untaxed) drugs or licensed medical procedures, claimed through expensive health-insurance, to deal with stress.


Attached to one leg is a huge, dark, muscular horse with supermarket branding all over it, being driven on by a suited investor, pockets bulging with cash and keys to a porsche.


Attached to the other leg via a heavy chain, is an old-fashioned weighty metal anchor, firmly dug into the ground at the point on a line, divided in £1 price increments, marking the value of £4.99


On the other end, dragging one arm in a third direction, are the Chancellor and the Treasury, desperate to find a way to balance their market scales with a heavy sackful of debt on the other side. All the time, a Doctor is inserting a needle in the outstretched arm in some vain attempt to pretend that this is actually part of a healthy medical procedure, not torture.


Finally, on the last limb, straining yet managing to hold on to an empty wine glass, we have a collection of wine makers tugging on the arm in a desperate struggle with each other to be the ones to pour their wine in the man’s glass while simultaneously lecturing him about the “uniqueness” of their offering and berating him for not paying attention.


The closest I could come was the image above.


It’s rather specific, but I think there are people out there who might recognise the feeling.


Any help appreciated.


Now, back to being quartered.
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  • Robert McIntosh
    March 20, 2012

    The Gov’t arm should actually involve a Rack to reflect the “ratchet” effect of the tax escalator. More appropriate