More than a consolation, a prize



Tonight the boiler has broken down AGAIN. That makes it about the fourth time in this recent spell of winter.

In consolation of another night of cold, I decided to open this, something I picked up years ago in Alsace.

I do love wines from Alsace but they are a particular taste and my wife is not as big of a fan. I therefore make a pony of trying them when I have the (cold) house to myself.

This Gewurtztraminer is deliciously honeyed, it even looks like honey it is so dark, with a real taste of heather & hazlenut and a wild flower perfume too.

It is so rare to be able to appreciate wines with a decent time spent in bottle because they are sold so young. However, they really do develop interesting characters that make waiting for them worthwhile.

Unfortunately I can’t say the same about waiting for the plumber.


[UPDATE 10/2/2012: This wine was superb, but honestly not for everyone. As a wine lover I seek out a variety of experiences, but I also understand that it is a bit far from people’s comfort zone. My wife came home and tried it (there was still a little left) and did enjoy a small taste, but to her, the concentration of fruit and some sugar made it a “sweet” or dessert wine, which it isn’t really, but I totally understand what she means.

If you have an inkling for a bit of adventure, see if you can get a good quality Gewurtztraminer with a bit of age from a good independent merchant, and try it  with friends so you don’t need to finish it alone if not to your taste. Try it with some rich pork dish or something mildly spicy – I really hope it will excite you too]

  • Tom
    February 10, 2012

    It sounds exciting indeed — I’ve never had the pleasure of trying an aged Gewurtztraminer. Reminds me of the pleasures of the old Gruner Veltliner I had over Christmas, which was similarly transformed from what I ususally expect of the grape.Good luck with the boiler…

  • Alex
    February 10, 2012

    I’m so jealous – I love Gewurz and I love wines from Alsace so one with a bit of age would be a rare treat to try!!

  • Robert McIntosh
    February 10, 2012

    Tom, I shall try to bring one to the next UK bloggers get-together. I’m pretty sure you could find one at a decent wine merchant, and fairly definitely at the wine society.Alex, you’re just going to have to come back to the UK more often 😉