Life … Through a wine glass

I just experienced a momentary universal inversion, a sudden and temporary reversal of cultural norms that had my head spinning.

Wine smells of ‘things’ right? Well, for a moment there, things, … life …, smelled of wine.

I was coming into London Bridge train station, descending the escalator through the passage leading to the underground, when all of a sudden my head was immersed in a giant Riedel glass bowlful of ripe, toasty, high quality barrel fermented and oak aged South African Chardonay. Yup, just that!

What the *** was that?

Deactivating the over-active wine nose I searched for what could be causing this experience.

I can only guess, but the first thing was the lightly musky, citrus and floral notes vaguely discernable of the perfume worn by the lady in front of me. Layered on top of that was the ‘new leather’ smell from the luggage vendor at the foot of the escalator. Next came complex aromas from the well stocked florist next door; roses in particular. Finally, the toasty and biscuity smells from the various delis and pastry outlets.

It was overwhelming, and intriguing.

I’m sure there must have been other contributors, but I was in a rush and couldn’t linger.

Must get myself a glass of said wine and investigate further

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  • Simonlovesfood
    March 19, 2010

    Not being a wine expert or having the heightened smell & taste skills required, I can actually see where you’re coming from. There are a myriad of smells everywhere you go & the underground is, shall we say, unique in it’s aroma. Next time I’m in London I will stop, smell & see if I can pick out the individual smells. Glad you didn’t mention the sometimes very colourful smell of the seats in the train though! Oops, I just did.