Impressive new wine from Spain

This is an impressive label, don’t you think?

Mineral del Montsant 2012

It captures a little not only of the complexity of the wine, itself a curious blend of varieties, but also of the region it comes from. It is a map, I believe, of the Montsant region, but it doesn’t dwell on it, or preach, it just ‘glows’.

The wine was tasty, but rather youthful. It reminded me of a teenager’s sense of style, with some of its oak ageing showing a bit more than intended, … like some low riding, or sagging, jeans might show the branded underwear beneath. Having said that, the wine was very tasty and with a bit more time should develop its sense of elegance.

For now, it’s fun as well as tasty.

Bought from: The Wine Society, £9.95

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