Hunting for Franciacorta in the UK

I’m on a hunt for Franciacorta wines in the UK for Xmas. 

If you are a retailer, brand or agent please let me have details to share.

If you are a wine lover and want to know where to get some, keep an eye on this page and blog!

Leave me a comment below or on twitter (@thirstforwine) so I can gather the details for a post in the next few days

UPDATED: Here are some of the Franciacorta wines I have found and where you can get them in the UK

Il Mosnel ( You can buy them at : Colasanti

Ferghettina ( You can buy this from Flagship Wines and Woodwinters

Fratelli Berlucchi ( You can find this in Androuet Cheese & Wine in Spitafield Market, Highbury Vintners and Partridges

Ca’ del Bosco ( You can get this at Nickolls & Perks and Fine + Rare Wines

Cavalleri ( You can get this at A Moveable Feast

Also apparently available (but no stockists found yet):