Going Dry, With Water #H2Only

Water, water everywhere … nor any drop to ‘drink’ – not for 10 days at least!

I don’t have the knees or stamina for a marathon. I don’t have the hair for a dying pink or shaving. I already have the facial hair before Movember. I’ve been very poor at taking action for charity.

Then one day I saw the perfect challenge for ME (whilst, predictably, sitting in relative comfort on the Tube).

H2Only___Thank_you_for_signing_up_as_an_advocate_to_H2only_Anyone who knows me probably knows I live on two things: wine, and tea. Lots of wine, and even more tea (strong, very strong, white, 1-and-a-half sugars, please). I’m not called ‘thirstforwine’ for nothing but I also have a 6-or-more-mugs-of-tea-a-day habit.

Both are indulgences that, combined with an overly-sedentary lifestyle, are leading to an increasing waistline and poor blood-pressure. Neither would be a problem if I were to also exercise more. But I’m the kind of person that needs a kickstart to do some physical exercise!

THIS is the kickstart I need. Reset the system. Stop old habits. Build new ones. Feel good. DO good.

I pledge to drink NOTHING but water – no tea, no wine, no juice, no beer, no coffee, … for 10 days.

Most importantly, I can do this for myself AND for others. The RNLI is an absolute ESSENTIAL service for everyone in this country, and as I am now more regularly travelling across the water myself, I recognise this even more.

So, I need your help.

If I am going to break the habits of a lifetime, I want to make it for a worthwhile amount of money. I know, I know, there have been many charity donations recently and there’s only so much we can afford.

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I’m not asking for a big donation (though you are welcome to). I’m really hoping for many small donations – donate just a few quid, but then please share that page and encourage your friends to do the same. I will be personally matching the first 10 donations that come in out of my “wine fund”.

I am also going to encourage my UK friends to do the same, and join my crew. Are you up to it? Fancy getting healthy for a good cause?

Thanks so much for helping me, for supporting the RNLI, and also for putting up with my likely grumpiness from caffeine withdrawals and lack of wine.




  • awaldstein
    May 12, 2015

    Love the charity. Love the idea of discipline driving change. Building a solid beverage business based on liquids as a way to fill your body with nutrients. Understand personally the importance of drinking water and the issues that will arise if you don’t.

    As a amateur nutrition geek i question changing what you drink without examining also what you eat.

    But in spirit I’m there with you and wish you the fortitude to succeed.

    • thirstforwine
      May 12, 2015

      Thanks Arnold. I’m mainly doing this for the charity, and the fact that for ONCE, it is a challenge that I can physically do (no running for my knees!) and will hopefully be the start of exactly what you say, a healthier life in more aspects – better eating and more exercise (having cleared my head, literally and figuratively, of some of my bad habits holding me back). I eat pretty healthily thanks to gluten issues at home, but am hoping to cut the sugar + caffeine vs alcohol self-medication of daily uppers/downers. Will probably still be a grumpy b*st*rd for 10 days though. Thanks for your moral support

  • Louise Rhodes
    May 13, 2015

    Good luck – sounds like quite a hard challenge for a fellow wino! Cheers, Louise @ WillungaWino