Getting the cork out of a wine bottle without a corkscrew

How do you open a bottle of wine with a cork if you don’t have a corkscrew? It seems many of us have struggled with this issue because this particular video has been extremely popular, rapidly approaching 1 million views in a week.

The answer, strangely, is, with a shoe!

There have been many versions of this video advice over the last few years, and for those of us who spend FAR too much time watching our social media feeds update endlessly have probably seen many of them already. However, they have an enduring appeal because wine is always reaching new audiences.

What is fascinating about this particular video is that it has become so popular, so quickly, which shows what good content, good media contacts, and a little bit of “viral magic” of having good social media connections can do for a brand like Mirabeau. Well done Stephen!

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