Aged Riesling

I had a nice bottle of Clare Valley Riesling last night (with room service Fish & Chips). I noticed it on the wine list of Ryan Duffy’s so ordered it, though had not heard of Hungerford Hill before.


What I hadn’t noticed was the vintage. The list made no mention, but when I opened it the colour was a dark golden colour and the nose was honeyed and showed the classic “rubber & diesel” notes.

I am tempted to think that Nova Scotian Canadians have a mature palate for more evolved wines … But I guess the reality is that it probably has sat on the list unloved for quite a while!

It is real shame, because by the time someone buys the better bottles they can be out of condition, so people think “I don’t like these expensive/unusual wines” so never trades up again.

I intend to help some if these lists turn over their wines a little while I am here. I’m on a mission


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  • Jonthewine
    August 4, 2010

    Reminds me of some ’92 Wakefield that we used to carry round about 1998 – classic, mature CV Riesling for about £6; then it suddenly jumped about 4 vintages – very disappointing!