A worthy and inexpensive Chilean wine at the Co-op

Wine reviews tend to have a rather narrow focus on “best” wines and everyday wines often get overlooked.

I thought I’d post a few notes on the random bottles I’ve kept on the kitchen counter worth remembering (so I can now recycle them).

I came across this Chilean Chardonnay in my local Co-op and, I’ll admit, I was impressed by the packaging quality. It was on special (-50%) offer for only £3.99 so I bought it for fun, and it wasn’t half bad.

I’m not placing it in any “top 10” list but it was well balanced, easy to drink without any overwhelming cheap ‘oak’ flavours, and a fun & fresh tropical fruit flavour.

It’s red partner (‘coz new world wineries do that) is a Carmenere which was decent, fruity and dense, but less remarkable (bit too much of a fruit bomb for me).

If you’re looking for an easy drinking white at the moment, check it out while the deal lasts.


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