A disappointing Soave from Majestic #wine



I don’t drink enough Italian wine, so last time I was in Majestic I picked up a few bottles more or less at random.

I got two bottles of this Soave (probably on a multi-buy). I wasn’t that impressed with the first but gave it the benefit of the doubt. However, once again it failed to live up to even basic expectations.

It is dull, tastes overworked, even slightly oxidised, not the slightly nutty (blanched almond), mineral and fresh wine I hoped for.

There are not that many negative wine reviews published, largely because there are plenty of good wines to take up our time and blog space, but on the other hand, if no-one tells you which ones are not worth your money, how are you to know?

I can no longer find this wine on their site, so I am guessing it was a special parcel, but hopefully if it comes back, it will be fresher and more rewarding

Any suggestions for easily available good Soave ?