Beyond the label – wine neck tags and El Mariachi

What would it take to get you to drink Mexican wine? Bet this would help

I like to keep an eye out for new ideas in wine packaging, especially if they are related to the brand story of the wine. This caught my eye for many reasons.

El Mariachi Wines

Meet the Mariachi Brothers

For a start, there are few enough examples of wineries investing in innovative packaging, but this looks well thought-through and not self-indulgent.

The label is classic enough, but the distinctiveness of the folded neck tag (or neck hanger) and the integration of the bottle itself, is very clever.

What I most like is the clear concept which is applied to both the label and the tag, the fact that the neck tag adds a level of personality and fun to the image, and that it COULD be removed for different occasions. OK, so it is a tad clichéd to play on the stereotype of “Mexican = Mariachi” but since we have few preconceptions about their wines, it works to make us pay attention.

The key, I hope, is that it will drive trial of the wines so I HOPE they have a communications plan which will continue the conversation with consumers via social media in order to build loyalty and advocacy. Certainly this could be the start of a brand that offers something different and exciting, and doesn’t HAVE to be about the wine alone.

Well done IKON BC


Let’s hope it gets wider distribution soon

(Found via the always inspiring DieLine blog – visit the site to read about the El Mariachi design process)



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