Wine Cheered the Video Star

I feel I HAVE share this video.

I’m always on the lookout for examples of wine appearing ‘naturally’ in popular culture. If people feel it is appropriate to include wine in whatever they are doing (films, books, videos, stage shows, …), then wine culture has taken a small step forward to being more accepted and relevant.

If that is true, then I feel it has taken a giant hop, step and a jump forward in this video – check it out:

I caught a few minutes of an interview with the band – Train (who, it appears are in the UK to promote their latest album California 37). I did not know who they were, but I have heard their previous hit “Hey, Soul Sister” and when I saw a clip of them at a table tasting wine (not drinking, not showering themselves in sparkling wine, not using it as a visual cue of a character’s failings) I knew I’d have to share it.

My only concern would be that they had to include wine in a song called “Drive By” with quite so much driving in it? I guess the responsible marketing agenda here is working on me at least. But by the same token it does seem odd that this juxtaposition (wine / pop culture) happens in the US. I have to say I imagine most record labels would be too worried about the US paranoia of marketing of alcohol to underage drinkers. Well done whoever took that decision!

12 million hits on youtube must have some effect, I hope!

Happy wine appreciation. Just don’t drink and drive!

If you enjoyed that, check out the making of video for more nice Napa Valley wine stuff:

  • José Eduardo J Silva
    May 8, 2012
  • Jack Cunningham
    May 12, 2012

    Hey Robert – lovely vid links. You may also remember they did a song some time back called Drops of Jupiter….. thanks for sharing!