Tasting the Bloggers’ Wine Selection from Oddbins

I’ve already written a review of the case and the marketing background on the WineConversation blog, so please do pop over there to read about this case.

Wine Bloggers’ Wines from Oddbins

I intend to use this page to collect my thoughts and tasting notes on the wines themselves. This will be an evolving post as I go through the case, adding notes as I go. A sort of Live Blog over several days/weeks of drinking. Does anyone do that?

UK Wine Bloggers in Action

Wine Reviews:

Raimat Abadia White, Costers del Segre, Spain 2010

Someone’s spiked my serving of tinned pineapple! Ripe tropical fruit smells and a fruity core in the mouth, but also a tart, alcoholic and lighter body washing around too. Tasty but a slightly awkward combination of varieties maybe. (24/7/2012)

Chateau Haute Galine Minervois, France 2009

Good, classic, recognisable style. Dark berry fruit that has mysteriously been seasoned with aromatic herbs like lavender and rosemary to give it an added dimension but never straying too far from luscious fruit. Very tasty. (1/8/2012)

Casa Lluch Verdil 2010

A real floral treat. The first impression is like inhaling deeply from a bouquet of wild flowers. The wine is surprisingly full-bodied with a complex mix of tropical fruit, flowers and herbs but still a fresh finish. Unusual, tasty and a good wine for food. (26/7/2012) 

Fully Loaded Grenache-Shiraz 2008, McClaren Vale

A glassful of ripe strawberries and red currants, dusted with black pepper and a slight hint of liquorice on the finish. Soft tannins and ripe fruit. A tasty wine to accompany some flavourful Turkish grilled meat dishes tasted during the Olympic Opening Ceremony (27/7/2102)

Domaine la Condamine L’Evêque Viognier 2010, Côtes de Thongue

[coming soon – not drunk it yet]

Terre di Sava, 10 Nero Salice Salentino 2010

Like a dish of black olive tapenade mixed with ripe blackberries and dusted with sweet cacao powder. A surprising combination of deep, dark juicy fruit and soft tannins, and a bright acidity. Gluggable. (24/7/2012)

Porter Mill Station Chenin Blanc, Svartland

A fairly straightforward, uncomplicated white. A slight whiff of summer, with cut grass and some ripe fleshy pear on the nose, but otherwise a reasonably plain version of a grape with loads of potential (27/7/2012)

Alma de Tinto Mencia 2010, Galicia

A surprising version of this unusual Spanish grape that I usually love. Very, incredibly, uncannily soft, like tasting overripe black fruit compote while sprawled on a velvety cushioned recliner. There was a hint of something violet on the nose* but maybe lacking a little freshening acidity, but otherwise a decent red fruit wine which is maybe more New World than New Spain. (29/7/2012)

*(which made me wonder whether this is NOT 100% Mencia, but blended with Garnacha Tintorera)

Stone Rock Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Bordeaux

[coming soon – not drunk it yet]

Morgon 2009, Henry Fessy, Cru du Beaujolais

[coming soon – not drunk it yet]

Sal’mon Groovey Grüner Veltliner 2010, Kremstal

[coming soon – not drunk it yet]

Domaine de l’Arnesque Côtes du Rhône 2009

[coming soon – not drunk it yet]


Verdict: The Jury is still out until I’ve tasted more wines! Try them yourself and let me know what you think of the wines and the case idea.