Sharing wine knowledge and fun – join the group

I recently posted some thoughts on wine fairs – and opportunities for consumers to taste a whole range of wines – on my Wine Conversation blog.

I am involved in advising the organisers of the Fine Wine Fair (I worked with the Wine Gang event last year) on social media aspects, and know it is tough to make this effective in the first year when they have yet to make friends, or build up many followers on facebook and so on, as they have nothing to share until the event happens. So, I thought I would help to create a whole bunch of interesting content this year to help with future events.

I’m often asked for wine recommendations, so as I am planning on being there on Friday evening (15 October), I thought I might put together a group to walk around the show together. An ‘unofficial’ guided walk – as there will be official ones too. 

I’m sure none of my wine trade friends need advice from me, but maybe I can give some pointers to those getting into wine, looking for some new things to try.

If you think you can come along from around 5pm onwards on Friday, and want to join our ‘posse’, please get in touch via the comments or on twitter (@thirstforwine)

Tickets are £24.50 on Friday, £20 for the rest of the weekend (which is not bad for all that wine), but I think I can get a special half-price offer for the group.

I already have @warriorgrrl‘s excellent photo and video skills involved and I’d love to hear how you’d be able to share some thoughts or experiences from the event too.

I can guarantee that there will be some great wines there, and plenty of affordable ideas for Christmas party wines!

Get in touch!

The Fine Wine Fair:
15-17 October, 2010
Chelsea Old Town Hall, London

edited: 12/10/2010 09:42
  • Robert McIntosh
    October 12, 2010

    Who fancies tasting wines with me on Friday?

  • Robert McIntosh
    October 14, 2010

    last chance to join me and a few others walking around & tasting ‘fine’ wine, tomorrow evening (£10 only)