Inventing cocktails on the Douro

I’ve always liked the idea of making wine less formal and getting more creative with it. I was very happy the when Oscar Quevedo and Ryan Opaz invited us to invent a port cocktail whilst we boated down the Douro river, with only a bottle of white port, pink port, a few mixers and some foraged fruit and leaves.


Three teams battled it out, and here’s MY winning recipe (ok, i had some teammates)

So, my award winning port cocktail recipe is:

5 parts dry white port
1 part pink port
4 parts tonic water
A dash of freshly squeezed grapes (no pips)
A few foraged mint leaves
A healthy dash of lemon juice
Orange rind
A skewer of fresh mint and grapes to decorate

Beautiful, fresh, refreshing, not too alcoholic and different.

Recommended for drinking on a boat on the Douro

1 Comment
  • Ryan Opaz
    September 29, 2012

    I can testify to the yumminess of this beverage! 🙂