Grow your own fabric from wine

OK, so for anyone who thinks my shirts are funky and attention-grabbing now … just wait until they make this BioAlloy in men’s shirts my size!

BioAlloy Wine Fabric

Rather moody impression of the BioAlloy Wine Fabric

From the site:

Imagine a fabric that grows…a garment that forms itself without a single stitch!

The fashion that starts with a bottle of wine…

Micro’be’ fermented fashion investigates the practical and cultural biosynthesis of clothing – to explore the possible forms and cultural implications of futuristic dress-making and textile technologies.

Instead of lifeless weaving machines producing the textile, living microbes will ferment a garment.

Not at all sure about their obsession with the fabric as flesh-like (zombies? surgery room? WTF??) but the concept of bacteria and other organisms being able to ‘grow’ fabrics is certainly interesting, especially if it could come from waste materials from wine-making.

If you happen happen to want more background on how this ‘fabric’ is made, this is from the technical paper:

In contrast to the ‘Fibre Reactive’ living material, Microbe fermented wear will be produced by biological fermentation. This consists of a colony of bacteria (Acetobacter) that ferment wine into vinegar. This activity’s by-product is the synthesis of large quantity micro fibrils of cellulose (synonymous to plant based cotton). It is this process that will be used to fashion the garments


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