Blurred Vines by Jordan

Wine and Music are great companions, yet all too often we concentrate just on the “worthy” styles, like classical music. I have to admit I think this video from Californian winery Jordan is great fun – although the subtext might be more debatable, although I love the wine snob loser, and John Jordan’s dancing is something else – check him out in the line-dancing section towards the end.

(Certainly this version of the video is easier to be caught watching than the original – you will have to Google if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

Great to see wine culture can also be popular culture, well done Jordan.


  • lisamattson

    We had a ton of fun shooting this video. Thanks for sharing it.
    John’s dancing has gotten better. Did you see our Gangnam Style parody? 🙂

    • thirstforwine

      I did, but there were quite a few of those, but this was a little more … out there. I look forward to seeing more of John’s dancing in future therefore (though I liked his reading of the Wine Spectator tasting note more) 😉

      • lisamattson

        I will let John know. He wasn’t crazy about that video. I thought the real winemakers read series would have taken off like real actors read yelp, but it never did.