Taking Wine to the People (and shoppers)

Wine spends a lot of time getting us to find stuff.

“Find us on the supermarkets”
“Available in specialist shops”
“On all good Wine lists”

but if you want people to REALLY see the brand, you’ve got to take it to THEM.

That’s the great thing about the Champagne bar at Westfield (and elsewhere). Put the bar in the middle of the shopping area and make it harder NOT to notice it than to miss it.

Champagne is not in everyone’s price range, but they’ve cleverly put it next to the aspirational and designer shops.

A great place to explore styles, regions, cocktails and more.

Today, I’m trying some Extra Brut from Billecart Salmon. Really lively, refreshing and a great pick me up while waiting for someone else to do shopping. A crisp little shopping tonic to remind the body that there is a benefit to hanging out in shopping malls to counter the sore feet and aching back.