Flippin’ food and music

I like to promote the idea of getting wine “content”, i.e. talking about wine, out of wine-only sites (like this one) and making it part of other conversations – usually ones more people actually care about.

While I wait for the flying pigs to land on the frozen lakes of Hell, here’s a fun example from the world of food & music.

I’m a big fan of Nataly Dawn (and Jack Conte – both independent musicians, but also together as Pomplamoose) and her music AND videos. Instead of just being focused on music, Nataly has decided to pepper her channel with food videos as well. It gives a whole new context to her as an individual, and to her music, but also to the recipes and the activity of cooking.

Whatever you think of the culinary skills involved (!), this is part of a much more fun conversation online about food and music and getting people involved, and something wine should aspire to. We need more fun videos about wine, but NO SLURPING!

Nataly, I wonder if you fancy doing a video about wine? Or some wine jingles? Or, in fact, was wine possibly a factor in those missed few hours of sleep?

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