Taking a social look at The Wine Society (@thewinesociety)

A video I made of @thewinesociety with UK wine bloggers (and the creative ninja skills of @bennycrime)

Yes, there is a cost to join. £40 for a life-time share. £40 to ensure that for the rest of the length of your membership, the business is working in YOUR interests, and not of financially motivated shareholders. And what are your interests? I’m guessing that being able to buy great wines at decent, honest prices and having them delivered free would come very near the top of the list.

I’m not selling them, but this is a point that I feel should be made because it changes the nature of the relationship between wine seller and wine buyer, and the wine industry DESPERATELY needs new models.

Dislosure bit: I made this video to communicate some of the things that make The Wine Society different based on what I learned along with fellow wine bloggers Alastair Bathgate (@tiptoptaps),  Eamon FitzGerald (@grape_escape), Juel Mahoney (@winewomansong), Jenny Mackenzie (@ebwinenews), @missbouquet and Simon Burnton (@cellarfella) and others on a visit to Stevenage.

When I was invited I asked if they were going to record the event with a video. They thought this was a good idea, and asked me if I would make this happen for them and, as I believe there isn’t enough information out there about The Wine Society, I agreed. 

To make sure the video was high quality (and worth watching) we engaged the creative maelstrom otherwise known as @bennycrime (or Ben James) and therefore this video was paid for by The Wine Society. However its content was left completely up to me, and @bennycrime

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it 🙂