I ate cheese … And I liked it


Anyone who knows me has probably discovered that despite a love of wine, and a reasonably wide interest in food, there is one thing I cannot stand. Cheese.

It is a long story. It is not an allergy (I think). It is just that I don’t like the smell, taste, texture or sight. Nothing personal.

However, I am a polite guest, so when I am presented with a dish at a meal, I do my best to try it. Until now, I had not been convinced.

Last night that changed. I tasted Heinz Beck’s “Carbonara Fagotelli” at Apsleys. Delicious parcels of fresh pasta with liquid centres of sweet, creamy parmesan and pecorino cheese in a light sauce and a hint of bacon. You MUST eat each one whole and let the liquid centre burst in your mouth. You simply MUST!

I am not converted. I shall not be buying cheese anytime soon (I have over 30 years experience to tell me that the above is not the way cheese NORMALLY tastes like), but I will taste dishes with a little more enthusiasm. You never know.

Click here to see more photos of the other dishes:

Fuller review of the Contino wine dinner at Apsleys coming soon